[ANN] Haskell Language Server is now available


Binaries for this release are available at
Index of /~hls/haskell-language-server-

These binaries can be installed using GHCup or the Haskell VSCode extension.

All of these tarballs have associated GPG signatures. The signature should be from Hannes Siebenhandl hannes.siebenhandl@posteo.net (key ID 9849506453CA97E75F505D054EF829564CA34FC8).


  • Binaries for GHC 9.4.7
  • This is the last release that supports GHC 8.10.7
  • Forward compatibility with latest VSCode client changes
  • The following plugins will be removed after this release:
    • wingman
    • haddock-comments
    • stan

See Release · haskell/haskell-language-server · GitHub for the full release notes