Haskell syntax HELP!

Problem 3:
Hi. I don’t know how to write this function. This screenshot is a problem , which is not edited by me until the last line. In the last line, I know it is not proper syntax, but I know it is what i want to do. I want matchEmpty to be equal to truth value of compare (upto 0 <$> (passed in value)) == (upto 0 <$> “”)

Problem 2:
for this one I want to make atmost function be equal to (upto (n) <$> parseRE (r)), converted into a [string,…,string] idk what thats called.

…more homework questions, by the looks of it.

  • Problem 2 - “[string,…,string] idk what thats called”: I have no idea; is “idk” an obtuse abbreviation for “identifier”?

  • Problem 3 - post a short code dump instead of an image, using code fences e.g:

    yourCodeGoesHere pleaseHelpMe = iDontKnow

    which Discourse will present as:

    yourCodeGoesHere pleaseHelpMe = iDontKnow
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