Hello SaaS: Open source Haskell + Elm project template?

Seems unlikely something like this exists, but I thought I’d see! I l want to learn both of these technologies, in a way where I can create a very simple business template to learn / branch off from.

Looking for an open source web SaaS project with Elm, Haskell, backend database, and Stripe all integrated together.

For Elm, I was able to find this lovely repo: GitHub - elm-fullstack/elm-fullstack: Guides and tools for building full-stack web apps using the Elm programming language.

For Haskell I found this: GitHub - folq/haskell-to-elm: Generate Elm types, encoders, and decoders from Haskell types


GitHub - NorfairKing/smos: A comprehensive self-management System is a pretty great example of a large but well-structured Haskell codebase, employing numerous best-practices, and encompassing everything from cli tools, a Terminal UI, a web server, api server, database interaction, and less-common but interesting problems (two-way file synchronization, etc), as well as an integration with stripe (if I remember correctly).

No elm there though :frowning: but you could probably take what you learn elsewhere and combine here on a new project.


The elm-fullstack work is really great. There’s also some the-sett/elm-serverless if you want to host your Elm code on AWS, Azure, or GCP.

I don’t have nearly as much experience with Haskell as I do Elm, but there’s also tooling for generating Elm code from Servant types with servant-elm. I know I’ve heard of companies using tools like this.

Lastly there’s Lamdera which would be full stack Elm.

I’m not aware of an Elm Stripe integration but I do have a PoC for a Square integration with Elm (disclaimer, I work for Square but I built the PoC in my spare time). It does seem there’s already a few Stripe integrations for Haskell.

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Lamdera looks like a dream! I’ll check it out for sure :slight_smile:

I downloaded the Windows .exe file and ran it from this url: https://dashboard.lamdera.app/docs/download#windows

It just opens and runs a command prompt, which goes away. What am I missing here?

Did you go to the next page, the Starting a Lamdera app page? The exe just installs the Lamdera cli tool. After it’s installed you’ll want to use your terminal to do things like lamdera init to start a new project and lamdera live to develop it.

If you get to the point where you want to publish, don’t forget to login and go to your app dashboard and create your app there before trying to deploy. Once created there you can deploy from your terminal.

One thing that recently hit me is that nowadays you can do so much without even a traditional API server i.e. just with a “heavy” frontend and a bunch of SaaS feature backends (e.g. a cloud database, identity provider etc.)