[HF] How to source industry opinions?

We have various platforms, such as discourse. We also have the Haskell survey.

But I still feel these mostly represent hardcore Haskell users.

How do e.g. tooling maintainers reach out to their industrial downstream users? How would CLC or GHC SC do that or even library maintainers?

I think some of us have a feeling of the industry pulse, simply because they have accumulated friends and colleagues from different places in industry. But that might still be a biased view, depending on ones career and exposure.



I think we could use the existing Haskell survey. Anyone in industry could try to suggest their coworkers take it through whatever means they feel comfortable. Then the survey’s demographic of industrial users will grow, and we can look at industry-only answers. Or even add industry-specific questions. Sounds like we just need more data.

Extending Haskell survey is surely one angle that can be tackled to get recurring feedback.

But I’m also thinking about specific questions that may not work too well for data polling.

My thinking is that high traffic platforms such as discourse and reddit etc are not suitable for this. Only very tech focussed companies may be active there and even then it’s not clear how to communicate “I specifically want industry opinions”.

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I am not in industry myself, but I understand that:

Stack (which originated to meet the needs of industry) currently points people in the direction of this place (the Haskell Community), and the Haskell Foundation’s Slack workspace - see GitHub - commercialhaskell/stack: The Haskell Tool Stack.


Also consider the objectives:

  • What do you want to learn from industry?
  • Who do you want to hear from: CTOs, VP Eng, Developers, Product Managers, etc?
  • What groups do you want to analyze? Companies that use Haskell, companies that don’t like Haskell, etc.

If, for example, the goal is to understand Haskell’s branding problems with industry decision-makers, then you need to target those leaders directly with specific questions about their concerns.

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