[HFTP] Maximally decoupling GHC and Haddock

Hello all,

Here’s a new proposal which seeks to decouple GHC and Haddock as much as possible.

This proposal is based on an idea by Haddock maintainers as well as discussions with the HF Technical Working Group members.

Please take a look and provide feedback!


I would also be very grateful if people could spread the word on other platforms such as Reddit, Discord, etc.

I’ve posted it to Reddit.

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Great proposal. Would it be possible to track progress somehow? Are you going to work on your fork and how frequently do you think you will PR? If there are some low-hanging fruits suitable for drive-by contributions, I’d like to pitch in.


This proposal could be broken up into multiple pull requests to the main Haddock repository, and tracked using a Github Project.
One important component of the proposal is the removal of GHC-specific stuff from various Haddock modules for which it is not necessary. You could make a drive-by contribution by picking a single Haddock module, and performing a GHC-ectomy.

I’ll ping back when/if the proposal is accepted to coordinate this effort.

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