Hiring Haskell Devs to work on Sonatype Lift

Over at Sonatype we have some Haskell in the mix. And by some, I mean the Lift product (formerly Muse) was 100% Haskell on the backend up until months ago. We are growing and 100% remote with many US states and countries as options. Full job listings are here , but specifically see the ‘Lift’ jobs for those including Haskell.

  • Where: Remote
  • Hours: UK to US west coast
  • What: Engineers
  • Field: Software development, as in we make the ‘sonatype-lift’ github application that supports static code analysis.
  • Pay: I know people hate to hear it but “depends on experience” or rather “depends on responsibilities” is very true.
  • 1B Sponsorship: Not at this time.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions here or privately and I’ll try to keep up.