How to keep my projects up to date?

Today I returned to a project, that I haven’t used for quite some time. Now I wonder how I should update the tool chain and libraries for this project. I started with doing a ‘stack upgrade’ followed by a ‘stack build’. Stack was updated to a newer version. No libraries had updates. Are these two steps a good way to keep my projects up to date?

If you are managing a project with stack. Just update the resolver field of the stack.yaml to use the latest LTS Haskell, then stack build.

If you don’t use stack to manage a project, update the stack.yaml of the “global project” (e.g. ~/.stack/global-project/stack.yaml).


Update the resolver to latest lts, comment all additional dependencies you’ve previously added, add them as you resolve build problems.


Also, you might want to make use of to watch for dep updates


Consider also hooking all that into Github CI.

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Thanks for all your replies.

I did not know about Stackage and the resolver setting. This helps a lot.

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