Installation and packages

Prior releases page no longer being updated, correct? In particular, link to macOS package, version 8.6.3. is no longer operational. Is Haskell available as a “package” any longer, or do I need to build from source. I have very minimal knowledge of command line and so, what is required to build from source? Thank you

I believe the current recommended way of installing Haskell is to use GHCup (see, e.g. here for that recommendation).

The last time I set up Haskell on a Mac was a few years ago and I installed a prebuilt package back then, so I apologize if my personal experience is actually irrelevant, although I don’t think there should be a massive difference between Mac and Linux, but anyway I recently started using GHCup on Linux and it is an incredible tool that I am now in love with using. I am empathic towards not being a command line wizard, but the GHCup set up process was truly easy. You’re not gonna need to know how to use git on the command line to clone the GHC repo and then make or anything like that. I would check out the getting started and user guide before you start.


I am good with Git. Thanks for thoughts on GHCup. I’ll give it a try