Learn You a Haskell: A community version

This is an open-source fork (clone) of the renowned LYAH (Learn You a Haskell) guide: https://learnyouahaskell.github.io/.

I decided to create this open-source fork (with the author’s permission) to enable the Haskell community to participate in preserving and maintaining this awesome resource for future times. The idea behind the fork is to enable a way to submit and incorporate suggestions for edits and updates for LYAH from the community as Haskell evolves and changes. Additionally, it should be a zero-downtime version as in the past the original LYAH has had significant downtimes for long periods.

Repository: https://github.com/learnyouahaskell/learnyouahaskell.github.io

This is still a work in progress. Happy for any suggestions or feedback!
about me: stanislav.gq


I think that this is a very good idea, very nice.

In terms of suggestions (and I know this is a monumental one), I’ve mentioned in various recent discussions about this book and other introductory material that my biggest issue with LYAH is that it lacks a concrete interactive component. By which I mean, there are no exercises, or projects, or otherwise directed tasks it wants you to do in a structured way. I think that one of the biggest contributions that we as a community could make is to try and set up good problem sets/exercises and maybe one or two slightly larger sized projects that fit the text. Of course that is not simple and requires a lot more work than just coming up with some problem ideas and writing them down, but I think that it would be a huge improvement to the book and is something we should look towards doing in a community version.

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While I realise LYAH is intended for people with previous programming experience, if the profanity could be removed, then it could also serve as a guide for a younger audience…before they have their first “close encounter” with imperativity, state, mutation and the rest:



I added a link to the Learn You a Haskell for Great Good page on the Haskell Books index.

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CC0-1.0 License

:open_mouth: wow that’s a big jump from cc-by-nc-sa-3.0


It was fixed some 10 hours ago, according to this commit!


That was a mistake on my end. Fixed. :innocent:

Yes, exercises sound like a great idea and I was thinking of the same.

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Hi! I believe the web version has gone through a redaction at some point in the past and they shouldn’t be present there anymore. (in contrary to the print) However, I haven’t gone through it in depth so if you have particular parts in mind and you can still identify them, please consider creating an issue for it so it’s documented (new issue).