My views on NeoHaskell


Haskell does need better product management
I think the Haskell foundation was supposed to be this (I could be wrong) but that didn’t really seem to pan out.

Imho it has been panning out – its just a very gradual and careful process because product management over a decentralized group of mostly volunteers over a whole range of different projects is a fundamentally different thing than product management within a single company driven by sales and with a stable of full-time employees.

I think users of haskell have been feeling the positive effects of HF in this regard, but only in a very gradual way, especially since so much work has been infrastructural. Those of us involved in development on different projects where HF has helped to centralize and guide discussions and direct resources have felt it much more immediately and impactfully.



fragment the tooling in a way similar to stack .

this vs making a whole generation of new Haskell programmers happy and productive. I’m not a fan of salesy announcements either, but let’s not forget what is gained by radical new approaches to thorny socio-technical problems.


Mainline Haskell was significantly more rough around the edges back when stack was created than it is now.

stack made sense back then. Cabal has improved significantly since. I really don’t think a new CLI is actually gonna accomplish much.


Thanks for writing this up. It sums up my impression as well.

To be frank, I’m surprised by the amount of attention NeoHaskell has attracted. It’s just talk, talk, talk, and talk is cheap. Show me the code.