Network HTTP Simple - wai-handler-devel: does not exis


Installed from here
and from here I got the script:

$ ls
Application.hs Main.hs MyAppName my_app_name.cabal

$ smpl
smpl: wai-handler-devel: rawSystem: runInteractiveProcess: exec: does not exist (No such file or directory)

How can I solve this?


I can reproduce this error message by just following the example in the documentation:

$ cabal install simple
$ smpl create my_app_name
$ cd my_app_name
$ smpl

Using GHC version 8.6.5 and cabal version and simple version 0.11.3.

I think an issue should be filed on the bug tracker of simple:

EDIT: running cabal run as last step instead of smpl does work for me. (By the way, my_app_name shouldn’t be the literal name of your project since cabal project names can’t have underscores in them)

EDIT2: the command line documentation mentions:

You must have wai-handler-devel installed to run this command

But I’m not able to install that package, because it is old and deprecated.


Jaror Thanks so far,

I filled on the bug tracker of simple

Let see what happen