New board members at the Haskell Foundation

It’s my pleasure to announce that the Haskell Foundation has selected 4 new members of our community to join our board. Starting last month, we welcomed @kosmikus, @JoshMeredith, @emilypi (welcome back!), and @hazelweakly. These four were selected via a competitive process described in our ways of working. You can view their bios at Who We Are. We had more than twice as many applications as seats – a nice vote of confidence in the still-growing Foundation. I know our new members join me in supporting the Haskell Foundation’s mission to improve the Haskell ecosystem and promote our language.

This is also a great time to thank our outgoing members: @Kleidukos, @dreixel, and Niki Vazou. They each have made real contributions to the HF enterprise. @Kleidukos served as the board Secretary among many other ways of trying to get us and keep us organized and documented – and this work continues! @dreixel was both Vice Secretary and Vice Treasurer, and he served as chair of the committee we formed to interview our second Executive Director. Niki continues to offer her time as one of the organizers and hosts of the HF podcast, The Haskell Interlude. Thanks again to all three for their time and volunteer efforts!


I’d like to thank everyone at the Haskell Foundation, and Richard in particular as the chair, for these past two years. I left earlier than might have been expected only to smoothen the life-cycling of the board (we shouldn’t suddenly have a whole new board after three years). I will continue to follow and support the HF and its mission, and I wish the new members all the best for their tenure!


Thank you, @dreixel, for your good advice, careful attention to our principles, and hard work. My first year at the HF would not have been nearly as good without you on the board. Thanks!


Hi All,

Happy to be back helping out, sorry to see @dreixel, @Kleidukos and Niki go. They’ve been of great help since the beginning, and I’m excited to see where our new members take us :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! I’m super happy to be here and I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s next for the Haskell Foundation and for the community as a whole.


All my congratulations to the newest members of the board. I’ll be delighted to work with you in the future.


I’m looking forward to having you back, @emilypi - thanks!

It’s great to work with you again, @hazelweakly!