New co-maintainer for `scotty` and a path towards v1.0

Hi all!

If you’re anyhow interested in web services, I’m sure you’ve heard of scotty; I’ve been using it extensively in the past years and recently joined scotty-web on Github to help out with maintenance.
The first thing I did was label issues : Issues · scotty-web/scotty · GitHub and some patterns started emerging.

We see a handful of bugs and potential security issues (I’ve started taking on a couple : Ambiguous params, differentiate Capture, Query String and Form Data · Issue #204 · scotty-web/scotty · GitHub and Limits for the files function? · Issue #203 · scotty-web/scotty · GitHub ), as well as a couple long-standing design issues that could use additional eyes on (e.g. ScottyT is not a monad transformer · Issue #272 · scotty-web/scotty · GitHub ) and a bunch of low-hanging fruit like cherry picking commits from stale PRs and writing some documentation :slight_smile:

I think changing the ScottyT interface will require a deprecation cycle, but recently @fumieval updated the CI pipeline and we are in a good shape for accepting PRs against the latest GHCs and library versions.