Scotty-0.20 released

Announcing the latest release of scotty !

This release includes a few bug fixes, new features (WAI applications nested under endpoints! cookie support!) as well as a big refactoring of the ActionT type and the overall exception system as well as a bunch of new tests. Overall the library should be easier to build upon and evolve going forward.

Full changelog:

0.20 [2023.10.02]

Thank you to all contributors who supported and grew this wonderful little web framework throughout the years.


Nice. I use scotty in a hobby project and will try out the new version as soon as it makes it into nixpkgs.


I owe @ocramz a huge debt of gratitude for becoming a scotty co-maintainer and working through the enormous backlog of GitHub issues. This release wouldn’t have been possible without the huge amount of work that @ocramz put into the project. Thanks!


Prompted by the recent discussion here about convenience and templates, I thought I would mention that Stack’s ‘central’ templates include two that are Scotty-related:

  • scotty-hello-world. Currently, Stack will work out that the templated package works with snapshot nightly-2023-10-04 (GHC 9.6.3). With other snapshots, you will need to specify scotty-0.20.1 as an extra dep; and
  • scotty-hspec-wai. Stack will work out that it works with lts-12.14 (GHC 9.4.7).

Annnd a quick bugfix release because CI didn’t catch everything everything (thank you @RyanGlScott for flagging issues)

0.20.1 [2023.10.03]

  • remove dependencies on ‘base-compat’ and ‘base-compat-batteries’ (#318)
  • re-add MonadFail (ActionT m) instance (#325)
  • re-add MonadError (ActionT m) instance, but the error type is now specialized to ‘StatusError’ (#325)
  • raise lower bound on base ( > 4.14 ) to reflect support for GHC >= 8.10 (#325).

@RyanGlScott thank you for the kind words! I’m happy to help as I have some bandwidth for open source these days :slight_smile: In turn, I would thank @fumieval for his thoughtful shepherding of the PR, he was instrumental in minimizing breakage and ensuring a consistent interface.

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@ocramz sorry to chime in after the patch release but it seems you’ve forgot to update the list of supported GHC versions: @hackage/scotty

If your CI setup is adequate, you can use to keep the cabal metadata and the CI in sync.

@Kleidukos thanks for the tip, but the cabal file is up to date… maybe it’s formatted in the wrong way?

Nope, you’re alright

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All is good now :slight_smile:

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what was the matter?

Thanks for maintaining scotty!

Maybe a bit related. I’m learning about htmx and so I’m translating their examples in to haskell with blaze-htmx. Then I chose scotty to serve it. GitHub - piq9117/htmx-examples


@int-index how long does it usually take for NixPkgs to pull from upstream? I see it’s still pointing to 0.12.1

Judging by the git history, it’s about 3 to 4 weeks. The last updates are dated Oct 4, Sep 14, Aug 17, Jun 28, Jun 7.


Hi @int-index , I just checked and nixpkgs is still building 0.12 . Hydra - nixpkgs:trunk:haskellPackages.scotty.x86_64-linux Is there a way to nudge it to fetch the latest version ?

@cdepillabout Do you happen to know when nixpkgs will move on from Stackage LTS 21.* to the 22.* series?

We don’t have any specific timeline, but it may happen in the PR after haskellPackages: update stackage and hackage by ncfavier · Pull Request #272097 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub.

The Haskell maintainers in Nixpkgs have been quite busy lately, so I’m not sure when exactly we’ll start the process.

I’d welcome you to join us in if you want to help with the move to LTS 22. It is sometimes quite a lot of work to transition to a newer compiler.


Ah thanks @cdepillabout now I get it. I actually don’t even use Nix but was mainly curious about what makes it tick.

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