Our Foundation Task Force: Announcing Our Team Members!

We are delighted to announce the first members of the Our Foundation Task Force:

  • Heinrich Apfelmus
  • Noon van der Silk
  • Chris Smith
  • Matthias Toepp
  • Simon Peyton Jones (as time permits)
  • Jack Henahan

We will also have help from Andrew Boardman for organizing meetings and taking minutes etc.

Thanks to all those who participated in the discussions that led to the formation of the task force!


Edit: We have added Jack Henahan as one of our team members above.

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Thanks for managing this @human154, I am going through the Join The New “Our Foundation Task Force”? thread and there are a lot of ideas (some I really appreciate, like supporting conferences — I am sure Haskell Day Italia organisers would have loved that —, some I suspect are more difficult to implement, like community grants).

Good luck to all the members!

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