Seeking new upload approvers for Hackage

The Hackage Trustees are seeking volunteers to help with the creation of new user accounts. It’s not a lot of work - around five minutes per day - and it helps keep Hackage spam-free.

Because Hackage is immutable, spam poses an especially troublesome problem. To reduce the risk of spam, there is a manual approval step to enabling package uploads for an account. We’re looking for some volunteers to help with this. Uploaders are asked to send a link to their Haskell source repository, and approving an uploader consists of checking that it’s their repository, that it’s not spam, and perhaps a quick email follow-up if something doesn’t seem quite right. Volunteers will receive email templates and training.

If you’re interested, please write to

Thank you!


Are you seeking “(new upload) approvers” or “new (upload approvers)” :stuck_out_tongue: ?

In this case, it distributes - we’re seeking new approvers for new uploaders.