[solved] Best IDE for Haskell?

Of nvim, IntelliJ, VsCode, [open to other IDEs too] which one currently has the best IDE support for Haskell ? I have a project that builds with cabal build. The features I care about are, from most to least important, are:

  1. inline showing of all type/compile errors
  2. jump to definition of variable under cursor
  3. show inferred type of variable under cursor
  4. get all refs/usages of variable under curor
  5. rename all refs/usages of variable under cursor


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Haskell Language Server is the most extensive IDE engine. I say IDE engine because it supports the language server protocol which means you can use it with (n)vim, emacs, and visual studio code (and perhaps other editors too).

It supports 0,1,2,3 of your checklist. Point 4 is not supported yet. And with 1 it should be noted that it can only jump to definitions in the same project.


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