Stability Working Group Meeting 21 March 2022

Hi everyone,

The Stability Working Group met on Monday, March 21st.

Here is a short list of things we discussed:

  • The GHC.X.Hackage tech proposal as found here
  • A work in progress proposal for GHC tick-tock releases
  • Ideas for maintainership standards as originally proposed here
  • Language features to support migration
  • API breakage policies
  • GHC 9.4 breaking changes

Minutes for this meeting along with past meetings, as well as the group charter can be found on our github.

We continue to want to hear ideas on enhancing transition in the face of change. Proposing ideas for discussion via GitHub issue is encouraged. Also, I would be happy to proxy ideas, or discuss in private, should posting on GitHub be uncomfortable for anyone.


Trevis Elser
Chair Stability Working Group


The discussion on API breakage policies could stand to mention and consider the longest-standing standard breakage policy in the Haskell world that I know of – the CLC’s three release policy for the base library.

Vis a vis supporting migration, I’d also point to Deprecating _source_ of an imported module. · Discussion #489 · ghc-proposals/ghc-proposals · GitHub as something I’d like to see worked on.

This is a great point. We will almost certainly talk about this.

Thank you for bringing this up as well! I’m working on getting some of these feature ideas/proposals grouped together and thought through to a similar point. I’m adding this to my list.