Stability Working Group Meeting 4 April 2022

Hi everyone,

The Stability Working Group met on Monday, April 4th.

Here is a short list of things we discussed:

Minutes for this meeting along with past meetings, as well as the group charter can be found on our github.

As always, we want to hear ideas on enhancing transition in the face of change and see discussion around the impact of proposed changes for the community. Proposing ideas for discussion via GitHub issue is encouraged. Further, I would be happy to proxy ideas, or discuss in private, should posting on GitHub be uncomfortable for anyone.


Trevis Elser
Chair Stability Working Group


Thanks for the update!

Any news wrt Maintainership standards · Issue #7 · haskellfoundation/stability · GitHub?

It needs someone to drive it forward. See stability/ at main · haskellfoundation/stability · GitHub