Stackage LTS 22 released and Nightly on ghc-9.8

Finally we put out a short post about the recent Stackage releases and updates last month

(somewhat abridged:)

Stackage LTS 22 has been released

The Stackage team is happy to announce that Stackage LTS version 22 was released last month, based on GHC stable version 9.6.3.

LTS 22 includes many package changes, and has over 3300 packages! Thank you for all the nightly contributions that made this release possible: the release was made by Mihai Maruseac.

If your package is missing from LTS 22 and builds there, you can easily request to have it added by (new) opening a PR in the lts-haskell project to the new build-constraints/lts-22-build-constraints.yaml file. The new LTS workflow, implemented by Adam Bergmark, was used for the first time to build lts-22.1: we are updating our documentation to cover the new nightly-style workflow for LTS snapshots.

Stackage Nightly updated to ghc-9.8.1

At the same time we are excited to have moved Stackage Nightly to GHC 9.8.1: the initial snapshot being nightly-2023-12-27. Current nightly has over 2600 packages, and we expect that number to continue growing over the coming weeks and months with all of your contributions and assistance. You can see all the changes relative to the preceding 9.6 nightly snapshot. The initial snapshot was done by Alexey Zabelin and Jens.

Adding or enabling your package to Nightly is just by a simple pull request.

New HF server

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Haskell Foundation for providing the new upgraded Stackage build-server (setup by Bryan Richter), which has greatly helped our daily work with much increased performance and storage.


(See also @janus’ post on the most consumed dropped libraries from LTS-22 -
though I haven’t cross-checked the results.)

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As of lts-22.7 today, Stackage LTS is now on ghc-9.6.4.