Summer of Haskell 2023

Great news!, in collaboration with Haskell Foundation, will be hosting the Summer of Haskell 2023!

This program is independent of Google Summer of Code, but it offers the same opportunities, including mentorship and a stipend, to would-be Haskell contributors.

You don’t have to be a student to participate - your eagerness and desire to learn are enough!

Project proposals are due by April 20, 2023.

Details, including application instructions and a list of suggested projects and volunteer mentors, can be found at:
If your company or organization wants to support new contributors to open source, please write us an email at Funding a stipend or two can have a large positive impact on the Haskell ecosystem!


This is awesome!

The page says:

Our guidelines around contributor eligibility as well as the stipend will mirror those of Google Summer of Code. See here for eligibility guidelines …

But, as far as I can tell, the linked page only talks about the quantity of remuneration. It seems some clarifications about eligibility are still needed!

… and here for stipend information …

— This page links to a page that holds a lone link to the same page as the one before. Does not provide any additional information as far as I can tell.


Good question! We should fix the link and also add our own slightly different requirements. Here’s where it should go: Frequently Asked Questions  |  Google Summer of Code  |  Google Developers

The difference is hsoc is open to all college students and also “newcomers to open-source Haskell contributions, age 18 years or older, in most countries.”

Unrelatedly, let me add that I would really encourage not only companies but also individuals to consider (perhaps jointly) sponsoring a single student. Half of a student’s stipend is well within the reach of a donation for those with the salary of a senior developer, and is an amazing way to have a very concrete impact in the improvement of the Haskell ecosystem for all, as well as the growth of core contributors to the ecosystem.


Just wanted to bump this! We’ve gotten some good applications in, and are expecting a bunch more. We would encourage more people to apply, and also, especially, anyone at any company using haskell to speak to their management about possibly funding a student. Its a great way to get your company on the map, and also to make a concrete impact for a relatively low funding cost.

I’d also again encourage well compensated devs at FAANGs and the like to consider sponsoring a half or third of a student.

For companies and individuals both, remember that donations run through, a 503(c) nonprofit, and so are deductible from US taxes!