Tasty-1.5 release candidate

On behalf of maintainers I’m happy to announce tasty-1.5 RC1. Here is the changelog:

  • Progress reporting is no longer ignored. PrintTest constructor of TestOutput now has an extra field used to report progress. Supply const (pure ()) as this extra field value if you want to skip progress reporting (#311).
  • foldGroup now takes [b] instead of b as its last argument to allow for custom fold strategies. This is a backwards incompatible change, but you can get the old behavior by applying mconcat (#364).
  • Dependency loop error now lists all test cases that formed a cycle (#340).
  • Dependencies can now be defined pattern-free with sequentialTestGroup (#343).
  • Added --min-duration-to-report flag that specifies the time a test must take before tasty outputs timing information (#341).
  • When a test failed with an exception, print it using displayException instead of show (#330).
  • The -p/--pattern option can be specified multiple times; only tests that match all patterns are run (#380).
  • Fix color scheme to make info messages visible in terminals with white background (#369).
  • When parsing of a command-line option failed, report received option (#368).
  • Support WASM (#365).

You can give it a try using the following cabal.project:

packages: .


If all goes well, the release is scheduled for mid September.


Thanks for the instructions! I’ve tested it on a project, no problems to report. :slight_smile:

And now tasty-1.5 is live :slight_smile: