The Haskell Interlude podcast: 17 – Ningning Xie

Ningning Xie is interviewed by Niki Vazou and Andres Loh. Ningning first contributed to GHC at her Google summer of code project with a very ambitious goal of implementing the whole dependent Haskell. Also later she fixed several ghc bugs and worked on Koka’s Algebraic effects. Her future hope and advice is to use programming language concepts on real-word problems.

P.S. I’m not affiliated with the foundation or the podcast, I just think these podcasts are very interesting and could use a little extra advertisement. Also do look at the previous episodes as many of them haven’t been posted here on discourse.


Ningning is pretty amazing. I felt motivated hearing her about all the diverse projects and seeing what is possible to learn within the confines of a PhD. In my case (music technology), I’ve spend much time learning functional programming in Haskell and some programming language theory by myself just to get a hold of what it means for creating languages for music and what musical significance computational abstraction have. It’s quite ambitious, but easy going compared to implementing dependent Haskell, so I’ll keep pushing. I’m glad that following the threads have lead me into this wonderful space.

Thanks for the awesome podcast by the way!
It has been a practical way for me to get a notion of many interesting concepts.