The Haskell Interlude: Episode 6 - Graham Hutton

Graham Hutton is interviewed by Wouter Swierstra and Andres Löh. Graham is known for his work on Haskell both in research and teaching Haskell, and in particular his Haskell book. Graham will tell us a little bit about how his book came about and give us advice for how to write a book ourselves, but also look back on his experience using Haskell and teaching Haskell in the last thirty years, and tell us a little bit about how bad the compile times were for the very first versions of GHC.


An interesting interview all around! I was pleasantly struck by the discussion around 18:00 on some prior controversial changes to base (foldable/traversable etc) and how despite concerns about how this would impact teaching, it seems that, happily, experience has shown that it didn’t cause any major difficulties in that regard.

On another topic: I would have loved an introductory semantics book!