I'd like to know if Graham Hutton 2016 book is outdated

Hi, there’s a book called “Programming in Haskell”, its 2nd edition, that’s from 2016 (by Graham Hutton).

I want to know if this book is too outdated to learn Haskell. I have heard about some parts of it that’s indeed outdated, so I worry.



I don’t know much about its contents myself, but I remember it being used as the main teaching material during the beginners’ track of ZuriHac 2022 (which is the biggest Haskell community event in the world). So it shouldn’t be too outdated (if at all).


The book was specifically written to try and be as ‘future proof’ as possible, so focuses on central language features rather than new concepts that may be subject to change. I teach two courses (introductory and advanced) directly based on the book, and everything still works fine.

Hope this helps!



That’s good to hear, I didn’t expect the writer himself to answer my question. Thanks for the insight; I’ll use it to learn Haskell, your approach is the most comfortable I found to myself.


Can confirm it’s a great book! I studied it cover to cover back in 2017 (as a complete newbie) and I’m now reading it for the 2nd time after spending a few years away from Haskell (I’m trying to brush up on the basics).

In this book you won’t find information on how to use the latest tooling, testing frameworks, or even how to build “real world” applications, but if you are looking for a solid introduction to the language (in less than 300 pages) then look no further. The exercises are nice too btw, I remember having a lot of fun with the Countdown example :slight_smile: