Virtual Haskell CoHack - Sep 25

Hi everyone!

I’m hosting a second virtual Haskell CoHack on Sep 25. This is a chance to see some lightning talks, learn about Haskell projects, meet new Haskellers, and then hack on projects together with other members of the Haskell community. Sign up at

This is open to all skill levels of Haskell programmers. It will happen via Zoom, and is scheduled to hopefully be convenient for attendees in both the Americas and Europe. Sorry I couldn’t accommodate even more time zones, but physical realities are what they are.


Last-minute reminder: this is happening on Saturday! If you don’t have anything else to do, why not hang out with some fellow Haskellers and work on projects together? Visit to register.

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This is tomorrow! Hope to see you there.

Hopefully this went well. I was really looking forward to it then realized it conflicted with a camping trip.

There’s a brief write-up of the day here: