Z.Haskell project announced

After having a discussion with HF guys, I decide to announce Z.Haskell project, It’s available on Hackage and very much usable now, the document is also pretty adequate.

To recap the document from Z.Haskell, Z.Haskell provides:

  • Array, vector(array slice), sorting, searching
  • Text based UTF-8, basic Unicode manipulating, regex
  • FFI utilities
  • Fast parsing and building monad
  • JSON encoding and decoding
  • IO resource management, resource pool
  • File system operations
  • Network: DNS, TCP, UDP and IPC
  • Buffered input and output
  • Process management
  • Environment settings
  • High performance logger
  • High performance low-resolution timer

The project’s goal is not to compete with the base, but to provide an alternative engineering toolkit, which is more suitable for writing practical network/storage services. Similar to netty for java or nodejs for javascript. Welcome to join Z.Haskell if you have a similar use case. Currently, we’re heading with the following roadmap:

  • Crypto library based on botan.
  • TLS network stack.
  • HTTP framework.
  • Distributed system algorithms.

Happy hacking!
Z.Haskell Contributors