2021 State of Haskell Survey

Hi friends! The 2021 State of Haskell Survey opens now and stays open for two weeks. Please take a few minutes to fill it out. Thanks!


I am not 100% sold on having buttons instead of a checkbox for «Extension enabled by default» and am a bit sad in seeing some demographic questions being axed (age/gender), but I have finished, submitted it and eagerly wait for the results.

Thanks for having organised it this year too!

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For the extensions question, would you prefer to see a simple yes/no checkbox for each extension? That’s actually what I had originally but some people wanted to express that some extensions should not be enabled by default. For example in 2019 ApplicativeDo had 144 votes for; in 2020 it was pretty contentious with 191 votes for and 124 votes against.

For the demographic questions, I was reacting to feedback from last year. I may re-add them again next year. I just don’t know. They’re surprisingly tricky questions to ask correctly.


That makes a lot of sense, indeed opposition to a particular extension enabled by default should be polled too. A simple checkbox won’t do it, my bad.

I would have suggested to leverage what well known institutes are doing. Here is a sample of what Eurobarometer asks:

I hope to see age and gender back in future iterations; I feel what we are is as important as our technical opinion to see where the community is going.

Thanks again for organising this, having a yearly poll (which not all PL communities have!) does a great service to improve the quality of conversation and decision around tooling, etc.

I think this huge list would work better as a delta over the status quo, i.e. two questions:

  • The following extensions are on by default. Would you want them off by default?
  • The following extensions are off by default. Would you want them on by default?

And then a simple checkbox might work good enough. Although it will lump the don’t cares together with the cares-and-likes-the-status-quo.