2021 State of Haskell Survey Results


Great work. Thanks for sharing!

I’m not really sure how to parse the language extensions table. Perhaps you could add a little description.

My guess. For example for:

+46% -2% +529 -19 LambdaCase

I’m guessing that 46% of respondents would like to see it enabled by default, and that it’s 2 percentage points fewer than the fraction that wanted that last year. Ditto for the absolute numbers (although given that there were more respondents last year, that’s probably not likely to be correct?). Then there’s an orange and a blue bar, but I don’t really know what they represent. Perhaps the blue bar is simply the fraction that wanted it and perhaps the orange bar is the fraction of people that explicitly didn’t want it on by default.

In the survey you could vote for enabling it, not enabling it, or neither/no opinion, so three choices in total. I guess there were 529 votes for enabling it and 19 votes for not enabling it. The 46% and the blue bar corresponds to that 529 number and the -2% and the orange bar correspond to that 19 number.

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The bar graph for the question about how important a new standard is forming a middle finger is really funny to me, but I have to say that was the question I was most looking forward seeing the results for and I am happy with how they turned out. I hope this feedback plus the Eq debate will lead to more dialog about a new standard, specifically about what concrete ideas still need to be decided on and how we can go about making those decisions.

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@jaror’s explanation is exactly right. Respondents could answer “yes” or “no” to enabling each extension by default. The plus values correspond to “yes” votes and the minus values correspond to “no” votes. Here are some examples:

+46% -2% +529 -19 LambdaCase

The LambdaCase extension is extremely well liked, with 529 people wanting it enabled by default. And it’s also not very controversial since only 19 people don’t want it enabled by default.

+17% -10% +199 -112 ApplicativeDo

ApplicativeDo is popular (199 votes for) but contentious (112 votes against).

+4% -14% +41 -167 Cpp

Pretty much everyone agrees that Cpp shouldn’t be enabled by default (167 votes against) but some maniacs want to turn it on for everyone (41 votes for).