ANN: #haskell-stack matrix chat room

An active chat room helps a project grow and improve faster. The cabal project has been making great use of theirs (#hackage on Libera IRC), but it seemed to me that there was no equivalent for stack users and devs. I did some digging and discovered four stack-related chat rooms:

  • #stack-users and #stack-collaborators on the Haskell Foundation slack (the current maintainer is there)
  • #haskell-stack on Libera IRC
  • on Matrix (created in 2018; was bridged to Libera for a while; the past and current maintainers are there)

All of these are currently low activity, but the Matrix room in particular has recently been spruced up and Iā€™d like to invite you there to get and give help. Stack users, stack developers, stackage curators, haskell package maintainers, interested spectators - all are welcome. Hope to see you there!

[PS to help get the word out to stack users who might benefit, if you see places where the room should be mentioned, please send patches / let me know.]