Announcing `safe-coloured-text`


Thanks for the release and for the comparison. I had no idea there were so many libraries (and how they differed one from another).


I’m going to ask a question having done no research at all, sorry for that, but here goes: could this be a way to get Haskell-coded phone apps up quickly, without learning some huge API?

I rather like interfaces that remind me of the Good Old Days. When I get to somebody’s website and it’s in a monospaced font and apparently browsable in Lynx (not that I ever do that anymore), something in this old hacker relaxes. On a web full of advertising trash and glitzy graphics and stuff jumping around on the margins to grab my attention, monospace plus tasteful colors, just sitting there, waiting, is relaxing. And maybe it could be retrocool on phones, sort of the way vinyl is to music these days.

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