Bristol 2020 Project Ideas

In just over a week it will be time for the Bristol 2020 hackathon.

If there is a particular project that you intend to work on during the hackathon then please post it in reply to this thread so that other potential collaborators can see what’s on offer!

One quite exciting project will be more work on Haskell tooling. Neil Mitchell, Alan Zimmerman and Moritz Kiefer are planning on joining forces to hack on haskell-ide-engine and ghcide together for the weekend.

There is still space to register if you would like to attend.


I plan on working on zureg, the registration system used for ZuriHac, the Bristol hackaton and (I think) the next MuniHac. I would like to make deployment a bit more straightforward and add fully automatic waiting list management.

I think the code in this project is fairly simple so I’m more than happy to mentor beginners who want to get their hands dirty!

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I’m probably going to work on taskell, although I’ve a few other projects too (brök & cmt).

Then again, I’m quite enjoying playing with parsers at the moment, and have various “Markdown to x” projects that I need for my job.

I’d like to work on melo, a work in progress music web app. I’ve been experimenting with a generic GraphQL server powered by Haxl (or any Monad) for a while. Also have a WIP branch that refactors the metadata lib API and starts on loading files into postgres that I’ll probably continue with

I am going to try to work on two projects at the weekend.

  • reflex-ghcide is a language client which watches a directory for file modifications and sends LSP change notifications to a language server. It is quite similar to ghcide but the hope is that it will work better with multi-component workspaces once ghcide supports multiple components and also the reload times should be faster. The basic implementation works but the interface is currently very ugly so I am interested in working with someone to improve the vty aspect. This would be a good project for someone who wants to get to grips with how reflex and reflex-vty work, especially if you are interested in using reflex outside of the browser.
  • eventlog2html needs to be updated to use the new version of vega-lite which supports a proper interactive legend. This will remove a huge hack from the original implementation and make the legend respond in a more natural manner. I also want to look into the new visualisations which are support and see if any of them could be useful in the tool.

As always I will be around to help answer any questions about GHC as well.