Deep learning tutorials in Haskell


Some time ago, I have started a series of tutorials dedicated to deep learning in Haskell: 10 Days Of Grad: Deep Learning From The First Principles | Bogdan Penkovsky, PhD

Now, I am about to finish this series. What would you rather read?

P.S. Tried to make the same announcement on /r/Haskell, but somehow the post is deleted automatically. Unfortunately.


Yeah the automatic moderation there can sometimes be weird. I suggest you message the subreddit admins (usernames in the sidebar) and ask them to reinstate it.


Thanks for posting here. It’d be a waste if this doesn’t get promotion. You definetively should write to reddit admins, since reddit seems to be the most used way to get informed about haskell


Thank you for the advice. The post has been manually approved

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