DevOps Weekly Log, 2023-11-01

Hello again,

This is yet another short weekly log! I am in the midst of moving both my home and my office, which has taken a remarkable hit on my time and productivity. The good news is that things have been pretty quiet in GHC land, as much of GHC HQ has been traveling or on vacation. Things have also been quiet in the Haskell Foundation, as the board continues to work with candidates for the vacant executive director position.

Nonetheless, I have finished setting up a new machine that can be used to build Stackage snapshots, and Stackage curator @juhp has been putting it through its paces. Next up is migrating some of the other scheduled jobs that power and Stack.

Something else I made recently is a new dashboard for GHC Nightlies: Availability of GHC Nightlies. For more information about this (very) experimental feature, check out the GHC Status page.