Discourse Migration Tomorrow Afternoon (07/10/21 GMT)


At some point tomorrow afternoon we will be migrating Discourse to a new host. There will be a short period where the forum is only available in Read-only mode, before the site is migrated to the new server.




Which host are you using? Are you deploying the open source distribution?

I avoided that for my own use because it seems like a lot of maintenance overhead will result, so I’ll be interested to see how that goes for you.

The migration has now been completed. Thanks to @sclv and @davean for doing most of the work.


My experience is that discourse has been very solid and required very little manual intervention. We are deploying the open source version on our own servers.


Thanks to the maintainers of this useful piece of infrastructure!


I think (am not sure) that the update broke the interact-by-email features (specifically: replying to a post via email, liking a post via email).

Thanks for the report on mail – looking into that!

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Ok reply by email just worked in a test. So not sure if it was fixed recently, or just took a minute to settle down, but considering this resolved.

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Let us see if this reply by email works.

I will also like your post via email to check whether that works too.

edit: super, everything works fine

Sadly I need to reopen this. I replied/liked to this post (via email) but neither the message nor the :heart: show up.

edit: it fixed itself.

This kind of stuff is why I went with a hosted solution instead of deploying the open source version. You can get it to work but there’s a maintenance burden.