Haskell CI Group invitation


From GitHub Actions to Hackage upload processing, and from self-hosted private CI infrastructure to Nixpkgs Hydra builds, the Haskell community has many build automation projects that are ripe for cross-pollination. What might we learn from each other? How might we pool our resources?

I’d like to hold a special interest group for anybody who is engaged in this kind of work. The initial format would be a biweekly call where attendees can talk about their work, such as describing current pain points and/or recent accomplishments. We can also float any ideas about better cooperation across the ecosystem.

Are you interested in joining? Please email me at bryan@haskell.foundation with the subject “Haskell CI Group”. (DMs on Discourse are also fine: just click on my face :monkey_face:.) I will send you a link to a time picker so we can try to work out the best time.

This is a standing invitation: If you find this post six months from now, you are also invited. :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask clarifying questions below!

Note: I will be on vacation starting next week. My goal is to hold the first call on the week I get back, which is July 31–August 4 (week 31).


@angerman and me are maintaining some CI infrastructure on github.com/haskell

@arrowd is doing some FreeBSD stuff and is probably interested in contributing?

I’m also planning to do some CI rewrites for cabal soon.

@juhp is doing Fedora packaging and might also be interested.

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Please do DM me if you’re interested. :slight_smile: I don’t want to post the time picker link publicly.

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I recently, partly triggered by @andreasabel during MuniHac, I did some work in that direction (cabal-plan-bounds, haskell-bounds-bump-action, cabal-force-upper-bound). I don’t think my attentions span and interest here is sufficient to join a regular working group, but I’d definitely be happy to present these tools (and more importantly the ideas behind them) to such a group.


Perfect! I think that this group will be less of a working group with a defined membership, and more a show-and-tell for whoever shows up on a given week. You’d be welcome to drop by and present on those tools.


I am interested! I am involved in haskell-actions/setup and extensively use haskell-ci.

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As the author of a very useful tool (GitHub - Kleidukos/get-tested: Go get tested! Github Actions matrix generator for your haskell projects) I welcome the creation of such a group. I will not be able to get involved right away but I will not miss an occasion to reach out if need be!