Haskell Foundation DevOps Weekly Log, 2023-07-12


In the last week I came tantalizingly close to deploying spuriobot, the new version of my GitLab webhook that identifies and retries spurious failures in CI. I had some more time to work on it today, and added some missing exception safety. Deploying it may need to wait until August, however, since I will be away on vacation for two weeks starting this weekend.

Yesterday, I put out an invitation to a Haskell CI Group, and I encourage anyone involved in build automation to give it a look. Although this is obvious in hindsight, it seems everyone thought I was announcing a working group when I actually envisioned more of a discussion group. But in any case, I look forward to seeing where things end up based on who shows up and what ideas they have.

Due to my upcoming vacation, my next weekly log will be written on August 2nd. See you then!