Haskell Foundation DevOps Weekly Log, 2023-08-30

Hello, welcome to my weekly log.

In my last log, I expanded a bit on my current context. In brief, I am working on spurious failures in CI. After that I have two medium-term goals: build a new CI cluster and take over GitLab administration.

In the last week, I finished extending spuriobot to protect all current and future repos on the Gitlab instance (item 7 on my last log). I’m happy to report that this immediately proved beneficial, as mere hours after going live, somebody cloned GHC and created a merge request. The pipeline had a spurious failure, but spuriobot caught it and the pipeline ended up succeeding! No intervention needed by the author or anyone else.

Another thing I finished last week was a task I forgot to put in my last log! The goal was to make the spurious failure dashboard more useful by including more data. Now the table on the right includes CI job name, runner name, and repo where the failure occurred.

Now I’m working on the next thing on my todo list: a web app for exploring and characterizing CI failures. To start, I am exploring Postgres’ support for full text search. Although I used sqlite in my local tooling, spuriobot is already using Postgres. I want to see if it is up to the task.

That’s all for now!