Haskell developer at RELEX in Finland

Hi all! If you want to work on Haskell and other pure functional languages all day, Team Mordor can help you out. You can check out the official Haskell job posting [edit: the official position is closed now, but you can still reach out to me directly].

I’ve been with the company for three months. The company is growing like crazy in Europe and the US, and yet the co-founders are often spotted unloading the dishwasher or sitting down with us newbies at lunch. The company is really what you make of it: diverse opinions and collaboration are valued, and bureaucracy is low.

The core product (a heap of Java, Scala, JavaScript, and Ruby) is actually really interesting, but you are applying to Team Mordor. We run a collection of internal services written in Haskell and Elm. There is a mix of refactoring, bug fixing, and developing new features, and there’s enough work to last us a long time. (But if you want even more work, we’re also hiring Nix, Dhall, and Hashicorp fans for our SRE role.)

I took this job myself specifically so I could relocate to the Nordics, and both the job and Helsinki have been better than I expected. :slight_smile: Mordor plays a huge role in the company and it’s really rewarding. Oh, and we’re quite happy to hire at any skill level. We have a mix of mentors, part-time students, PhDs, and recent grads, and all are welcome.

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Hi Bryan,

Can you tell us anything more about Team Mordor? It sounds ominous…



The link gives me a

Job not found!

We could not find the job you are looking for. This probably means the opening is not active anymore.
However, here are some job openings at RELEX , that may be of interest to you:

Is it broken or offline?

Oops, thanks! I edited my response. The ‘official listing’ is closed now, but you can still hit me up directly.

The name is ominous, but it’s mostly just a source of memes. “One does not simply deploy from Mordor”…

Here’s a day in the life: I’m currently writing a service in Haskell that will rely on Nix, Ansible, probably Dhall, and probably Terraform in order to package and deploy configurations of the main product to Very Powerful Servers (>1TB of RAM is common). I coordinate frequently with the core devs and the networking gurus, since we are the middle layer that make the two team’s deliverables play nice together. I enjoy the communication aspect, but we have other team members who focus on writing code or improving reliability. We take turns being on-call, although we don’t wear pagers or provide 24/7 support. (But if that sort of fast problem-solving environment appeals to you, oh yes we can certainly help you out.)

Let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile: