Haskell Foundation Monthly Q&As

On the first Monday of each month representatives of the Haskell Foundation will host an hour long Q&A session open to the community, starting at 4pm UTC.

The first session will be Monday, August 2nd.

We’ll start with a short presentation by myself and Emily Pillmore, discussing the previous month’s Update, and then open the floor for questions.

Details will be announced closer to the date, currently we’re thinking about streaming it on Twitch.

Let us know what you think!


Great stuff! To reach an even bigger audience maybe post it to youtube later as a normal video. (Running two streams might be a bit too much work? so to just upload it could be a good middle option).


That is an excellent point, and we should absolutely record them and upload to a YouTube channel.

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Twitch allows you to export a VOD of the stream directly to YouTube with very minimal effort, just giving it a title and choosing a few settings (also editing the length and so on). Local recording is always a good idea because if there are any issues in quality of the stream the local recording will still exist to be uploaded later, but the Twitch VOD to Youtube export is very, very easy. However, to do this the Twitch account user will need access to the YouTube account’s login info in order to let Twitch export to that account. Which of course would be trivial if the Haskell Foundation has their own Twitch and YouTube accounts.