Haskell Language Server is now available

Binaries for this release are available at
Index of /~hls/haskell-language-server-

These binaries can be installed using GHCup or the Haskell VSCode extension.

This is a fairly small release, marking the start of a new versioning scheme
where HLS and all the included packages in the distribution (plugins,
ghcide etc.) will be versioned in lockstep.


  • New versioning scheme for all packages distributed as part of HLS,
    versioning them in lockstep for each release.
  • Binaries for GHC 9.4.5
  • Keep instance lenses stable even if parsed results are unavailable (#3545)
  • Keep stale lenses for module name (#3570)
  • Keep type lenses stable (#3558)

Happy editing!

  • Zubin

Many thanks for your hard work! As an everyday user of HLS with a fairly large code base, I find it a huge boost to productivity.


I have updated my Fedora Copr repo to 2.0. As usual there are builds for Fedora Linux ghc8.10, ghc9.0, ghc9.2, ghc9.4, and ghc9.6 on F37, F38, Rawhide, and EPEL9 (for x86_64, aarch64 and ppc64le).