Haskell logo with transparent background for dark mode users

When viewing the site with dark mode enabled, the Haskell logo at the top displays with a white background:

From some initial skimming of Discourse docs, it sounds like there may be support for separate logos when either light or dark mode is enabled. If not, we could likely use the same logo but with the white background removed. This is how that looks from local testing:

I’ll attach the test image I used, but fair warning that the background removal on it is imperfect:


I would like this, thanks for suggesting.

The contour is not very clean but the idea of having a transparent background is nice!

Here’s my version, with a slighly cleaner background cutout and increased brightness for the dark mode.

I opened the current png banner in GIMP, upscaled 4x, separated colors into 4 layers, did Color to Alpha conversion separately for each layer with different thresholds, removed leftover transparency to make letters solid again, adjusted levels for brightness, then downscaled back.


Looks really nice! Thanks for doing it.