Haskell Tiny Game Jam 2023 Results

We are very pleased to announce… the results of Haskell Tiny Game Jam 2023 !
Congratulations and thanks to all participants!

  • 55 entries in 4 categories from 28 entrants in 3 weeks
  • 109 reviews, 5 winners and 6 honourable mentions from 2 judges
  • Shell script to browse and play the games on all major platforms (single binary coming later maybe)
  • Readable source versions, useful development tips, informative blog posts

This was the first Haskell game dev contest. We invite you to come and play, read, and get inspired for the next one!


Super impressed with the kind of games people have been able to make under such tight conatraints. Well done!


Many of the entries were interesting, showed technical excellence and they were fun. I hope authors will be spurred to release more and more in the future, Haskell gamedev is there for you!

Thanks Simon for having taken the time and effort to run this competition. It was needed, people loved it, the community is better because of it!