How to propose new categories?


The category drop box shows six cats and an uncat. How to propose a new category or categories? Is it that it may better to not be too open to prevent very wild set. Or do people get privs after doing enough exercising?

Anyhow, there might be room for libs, tools, general purpose discussions, maybe separate cats for each main tool, etc.


As far as I know, there is no privilege level that lets you create categories (short of being a moderator).

I’m in favor of keeping the number of categories small. Discussion like this pops up on Lobsters frequently. Typically the outcome is that no new tags are created.âś“&q=tag%3Ameta+tag&what=stories&order=relevance

In my opinion, if you think there should be a new category, start a new discussion in the “Site Feedback” category asking for it.

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Yeah & ok, I prefer one lively room to several empty ones, too. Maybe one new category for “general discussion”? Or is just uncategorized enough for general topics?

I feel like “Uncategorized” is fine for general discussion.

I agree with @taylorfausak – it’s probably better to keep the number of categories small for now. I have you have any concrete suggestions for new ones though, just let us know!

Let’s take a “wait and see” approach to categories. The current options aren’t set in stone, and we can change them based on any feedback we get as well as how people are using the forum.

I don’t have much experience with Discord yet, but I suspect that categories don’t matter much until a site has a high amount of traffic. This means we have some time to observe how people are using the site and iterate before it’ll have a major impact.