I'm doing a browser

Hello everybody,

So I’m doing a browser. I have just started. I did a parser of HTML and CSS, a layout calculator and a renderer using OpenGL.

It’s an experiment in order to understand better the problem of browsers building.

Right now, I am trying to implement the event loop and a little bit of JS.

If anyone wants to participate here is the link. There is a TODO list with all the things I want to work on.

Take an issue and propose your suggestion !

(It’s all in Haskell of course)

Browser demo

(PS: If you have a job for me, I’m interested !)


This looks super cool, good luck!

Wow, that’s awesome! I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to contribute, but absolutely going to save this link for the future, it seems like a super useful reference, at the very least!

Nice. I made a really really simple browser here, just to demonstrate Haskell’s libraries and a fun exercise: GitHub - chrisdone/vado: A demo web browser engine written in Haskell