All my projects (2008-2023)

All my projects (2008-2023) - this was a fun exercise. I’d like to read others by other people.


I think you forgot lpaste, I loved it and I miss it.
Also, for intero you may want to say that it got forked (IIRC) as dante and has been evolving for years now (I was a ~happy user of intero and I’m a ~happy user of dante).


stack and intero were critical to my successful entry in Haskell. Thank you!
Also, don’t forget xeno. I used that in a project because it was easier to understand and modify. And you were the first person I heard about HTMX from. Keep going!


I got no further than item 2: hell. Wow! Huge impressive progress in recent months; HaskellScript is here!

(And the slightly scary name I guess means “mini haskell”.)

Thank you Chris, I appreciate your work.

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Open source champions like you are why I don’t quit programming!

  • ini: I Iike it (don’t we use it in darcsden @simonmic ?)
  • xeno: I actually worked on a proper fork

xeno is packaged and released, I remember merging back in some changes by the Migamake folks. Perhaps some of your work too?

And have now read the rest. Thanks for the great roundup of projects and writings. Some highlights for me:

  • hell shell scripting language that is a tiny dialect of Haskell
  • inflex This was my dream project that I planned on being The Big One for my 30s. … It was going to be an online spreadsheet competitor.
  • stack I made the first commit for Stack. I worked on it for a year or two, alongside many people at FP Complete like Michael Sloan, Manny Borsboom, Dan Burton and Michael Snoyman, and I have used it ever since. Most everyone else did the bulk of the work, I only kick started the basics (reading cabal files, GHCi support, things like that).
  • haskell-trace a small tool to add trace calls in one’s Haskell code
  • I wrote hl, an alternative Haskell homepage, complete with reasoning, which I launched at as an alternative competing page … Eventually, it did become the Haskell homepage due to some diplomatic heroics.
  • hindent my bold attempt to make a complete pretty printer for Haskell, so that manual code formatting would be a thing of the past … Years later, there was a remake project called Ormolu
  • lucid It’s one of my projects that is using the Immutable Publishing Policy.
  • pure-io a little IO monad that would run as a pure function. I used this for
  • fay a Haskell without type-classes that compiled to JavaScript … ended up being quite popular … FP Complete used it for their IDE which was a web based Haskell IDE, which is pretty much how I got the job at FP Complete in 2013.