Introducing haskell-xstatic

Greeting, I would like to introduce haskell-xstatic, a Low-Fat static file packaging for Haskell projects. The project includes ready-to-use popular web libraries, such as htmx and tailwind, and a little websockets based chat demo.

Please let me know if you are interested!

Kind Regards,


The base libraries are now published on hackage. I’d be happy to also publish the javascript packages, until then you can use them with a source-repository-package as explained in the README.

I’ve also added to the repository an extra demo for xtermjs which I think is quite interesting :slight_smile:



Hi, could you elaborate on what is this for?

@ocramz, Hi, sure, this is for sharing static files as Haskell package, as explained in The Idea — XStatic 1.0.1 documentation. This is particularly useful for web assets where you don’t want to add 3rd party files to your repository.