Is there a common calendar for periodic Haskell chats?

Hi! We have this fortnightly chat for cabal developers (lots of fun! come and join us) and we are now looking for a place to set up a calendar invite for attendees. The old invite was in a private Google Calendar in a private time zone, but we’d prefer something that many persons can edit (or at least invite new attendees) and that uses the canonical timezone for global Haskell events (perhaps just the one which Haskell Foundation meetings use?) so that the uneven onset of the Summer time does not cause meeting overlaps.

What would you recommend? I’ve heard about a HF Google Calendar — Is that a thing? Anything else?



@david-christiansen: would you have any hints?

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Hello! I’m out of the office this week, so communication bandwidth is low and latency is high.

The HF has a Google setup with calendars for myself, Bryan, and board members who want them, but we don’t have a single calendar with everything in it. Our board meeting follows European summer time, but I don’t think we have a canonical time zone for all meetings per se.

I’m super busy until after Zurihac. After that, I think that looking into a common public calendar for all the fairly central Haskell projects that want to participate would be valuable. I’m not sure what the best technical solution for this is, but it could be a Google calendar.

Let’s talk in a couple weeks!

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Thanks a lot. Any solution is better than no solution and any canonical time is better than none. Have a great time at Zurihac (i hope to come next year)!