LivTours is hiring a Haskell engineer

LivTours is looking for a Haskell Developer!

LivTours is a stable business providing travel experiences in 26 destinations across Europe. We are a small but growing team and we try to maintain a flexible and creative vibe.

We’re looking for a Haskell engineer to expand our team and maintain and improve our internal platform.

We care about:

  • Haskell experience
  • strong functional programming fundamentals
  • ability to balance the needs of a growing company with the need to maintain a robust and correct codebase
  • interest in Domain Driven Design and software architecture
  • fluency in writing tests at various levels (unit, integration, e2e, …)

Remote work is welcome, but the IT team is based in Italy and there needs to be a good amount of overlap in the working hours.

To give you an idea of the budget we have for this role, it’s around 80k€.

Feel free to contact me privately to apply for the position and to ask further details, or, if you prefer, send your CV over to


Are you open to US (non-European applicants)?

yes, as long as working hours overlap enough (meaning that you’d probably have to work early in the day)

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I guess I’ll be the one to ask about the pay range. Seriously, it’s not that difficult to present two numbers. The lower one would be what you’d pay a desperate Haskell beginner from say Libya, the upper one what you imagine you could afford to pay a world-class expert in all your needs.


More countries need to enforce that as required information.


It is required in the EU, so some random German lawyer could already have sent a cease and desist letter :wink:

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2023/970 is a Directive, not a Regulation, so implementation is be delegated to Member States. Whole-Union compliance will happen before 7 June 2026.


Thanks, that’s true, I missed that part.

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I added a clarification about the budget for the role. Sorry about the delay on the information, it was not the most trivial thing getting to those numbers :grinning:

If anyone has other questions regarding the role, feel free to ask me directly