Mercury is Hiring 8 Haskell Interns

Hi everyone! :wave:

Mercury is hiring 12 interns for this summer, about 8 to 9 of which we expect will be backend or full-stack, working on the 100% Haskell backend that powers These internships are across a variety of teams, ranging from security, stability, cards core infrastructure, growth, and more.

(Even though our backend is entirely Haskell, many of these internships are about doing web development, so holistic web development skills like SQL and careful thinking about how to build products are important too).

One of our intern roles will be working on Haskell tooling, specifically the static-ls project, which is a low-memory alternative to HLS, intended for large projects.

I’m a lead on the Risk Infrastructure team at Mercury. Although my team isn’t hiring an intern this year, we had a successful internship last year and I’d be happy to answer any questions about Mercury, Haskell at Mercury, or the internship process.


Hi Rebecca,

Do interns have to be students? Can experienced developers apply as well?


From the ad

This is a paid full-time remote summer internship for 12-16 weeks between May-August. Our internship program is intended for individuals enrolled in an academic program (undergraduate, graduate, MBA, etc.). Individuals interested not enrolled in an academic program at this time are encouraged to apply to any of our full-time openings.

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We welcome experienced developers so long as they meet the criteria that they are actively enrolled in an academic program.

Hi Rebecca,

Are the internship roles no longer available? If they are available; would I be eligible if I graduate by the end of this Spring semester?